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Another useful YouTube channel: Emma Saying
Learn how to say words in English correctly with Emma Saying free pronunciation tutorials.

Trending words of 2018 quiz

Have you been keeping up with the latest trending words in 2018? See how many of those words you are familiar with!
Trending words of 2018 quiz


How to create a comfy reading nook
3 Must-Haves for a Comfy Reading Nook - IKEA Home Tour

C1-A 2018-19 Recommended books to read:

Beautifully crafted short stories

14 brilliant pieces of literature you can read in the time it takes to eat lunch

It's mighty easy to feel like you don't have time to read — especially quality literature. Life is hectic, jobs are busy and it's much easier to scroll through a photo feed than it is to sink your brain into some juicy reading matter. But with these incredibly short and incredibly beautiful stories, all you need is a few minutes (a lunch break, say) to read great work from the best writers around. These stories are poignant revelations about life and at only a few pages each, they can be read in the time it takes to eat a sandwich

A ROLLING STONE...gathers no moss

Thank you, Eva, for this wonderful suggestion.

Common idioms & expressions used in tourism (learn with flashcards).
The Travel Bug tv show (Aus.E.)
Travels with my father (Br.E.)

BBC English Masterclass: Inversion 1: After Negative or Limiting Adverbs

A report on a school trip abroad Look at the report and do the exercises to improve your writing skills.

SEVERE WEATHER (Using newspapers to hone your skills)

I am sure you know the Spanish newspaper El País has an English edition. Why don't you practise your mediation skills by reading an article both in Spanish and English while jotting down the most relevant expressions and collocations? You can widen your ideas, knowledge of the world and vocabulary if you pick articles from different topics.
Fin de semana invernal con hasta 19 grados menos y nieve a 700 metros. Weekend of wintry weather in Spain, with sharp drop in temperatures.
Today's lesson: 
Severe weather: UK buffeted by blizzards
British Weather vocabulary exercise (Advanced)
Weather idioms exercise.