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I've just come across this wonderful blog which will help you to improve your English. The difference is that it focuses on the typical mistakes made by Spanish learners of English so that you can improve your English, not by learning new grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation, but by correcting the mistakes you make in the grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation you already know. I think hablar mejor inglés is a great idea.
Besides, here you have a direct link to a pdf file about the art of learning English. I hope you find it useful. Fancy reading? "Finding a lost language: the Rosetta Stone" and Timesonline. What about listening? A history of the world: the Rosetta Stone by the BBC and the British Museum.


Pronunciation practice
Game: odd sound out

To speak or not to speak: is that the question? Well, I'm pretty sure that your speaking skill can be improved by listening to music, but not just for fun (which is also great, though), but paying attention to the actual pronunciation of words, how words are linked to each other, and stuff like that. Why don't you try the following song? Focus on the pronunciation of I'm a and the way it's linked (it's all over the chorus) and SING ALONG, of course!


Guess what? English Without End has been awarded with ‘Vale a pena ficar de olho nesse blog’ award by Ángel Gonzalez, a teacher of English and Science and author of a fascinating blog called Colonial Nuggets. I think you will find this blog really interesting for your kids and also for those of you interested in science. I just remember a couple of weeks ago when one of you was so kind as to share with us the book 'The Complete History of the Universe' by Brian May (former Queen guitarist). A conversation about science followed and other titles were mentioned such as 'A Brief History of Nearly Everything' by Bill Bryson. Make sure you keep an eye on this blog. You won't regret it.
This award is part of an initiative that seeks to highlight the blogs of other teachers and students. The chosen blog has to copy the picture (the one on the left), with a link to the blog from which it has received the award. Then you have to write ten more links to the blogs which are w…


Exercise 1Exercise 2 Lots of exercises
Listening and grammar (here you can listen to speeches from important political figures)

Nelson Mandela Day, Madrid 2010 Nelson Mandela Day was first celebrated in New York in 2009. The second Nelson Mandela Day will be celebrated in Madrid on 18th July, 2010. Throughout the month Madrilians will enjoy the performances of different artists who also think that changing the world is 'in our hands'. If you want to know more about this special celebration, click here or here. Also you can find information in Cadena 100.
If you haven't seen Invictus yet, now it's probably a very good moment. Reading the book by John Carlin, which the film is based on is also a great option.
Reviews: Philadelphia Weekly The Guardian The Telegraph Newsweek In spite of Mandela's legacy, problems still arise in South Africa what some claim is threatening this year's Football World Cup which will be held in Mandela's country: News item 1 News item 2 News item…