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MINI GROUP #7: Txtng: the Gr8 Db8

Texting, the great debate
TEXTING IS GOOD FOR THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE Prof. David Crystal debunks the myths (S1Ep2 ofIt's Only a Theory, 11 May 2013)

" ... and every one of those statements are a load of chicken droppings"
"nobody sends a text withoutnot being a point"
"why are they leaving the letters out?"
"... the more you text, the better your literacy scores"
"... abbreviations are new-fangled, cooked up by today's youth - not so". "textiquette" "... they'd look at me as if I am nuts."
"... there are downsides to texting"
2b or not 2b?(The Guardian)

Video games testing reading exerciseKEY: 1. d 2. a 3. b 4. b 5. d 6. a 7. c 8. c


Multiple-choice listening: Gregg and Todd debate the necessity of minimum wages. TIP: Make sure you hide the script and do the quiz and vocab exercises before you read it.
Now, let's see if this pic jogs your memory: With lyrics.
I AM TIRED BECAUSE I AM OVERWORKED The population of Britain is 51 million. 21 million are retired. That leaves 30 million to do the work. There are 19 million in school. That leaves 11 million to do the work. Of this total, 2 million are unemployed and 4 million are employed by the government. That leaves 5 million to do the work. 1 million are in the armed forces which leaves 4 million to do the work! From that total 3 million are employed by the County and Borough Councils leaving 1 million to do the work! There are 620,000 people in hospitals and 379,998 in prison. That leaves 2 people to do the work! You and me. And you are sitting doing nothing reading this ... NO WONDER I AM TIRED!!!

IT HAD TO BE MURDER - The short story behind Hitchcock's Rear Window

The novel upon which Hitchcock based the film  "Rear Window". The chilling and riveting story of a man immobilised in his apartment, observing the minutiae of life - and death - through his rear window. Most of Hal Jeffries's daily observations run to the mundane, until he plays back certain events in his mind and realises that they point to a murder.
What do you fancy doing? - Read the short story "It had to be murder" by Cornell Woolerich, 1942 (13 pages). - Listen to it on BBC Radio Reading. - WatchRear Window (Alfred Hitchcock, 1954)
The Must-Read Short Stories Behind 16 Great Movies


Kaitiakitanga – guardianship and conservation

New Zealand Travel website
Sounds of New Zealand English
Environment (vocabulary and activities)

New fountains and bottle-refill points to tackle London's plastic waste (The Guardian)
ESL Video Quiz: (multiple choice) Green Growth : A New Model for Sustainable Development in Asia
Avatar: Environment, Sustainability

The Na'vi (in English: The People) are a race of extraterrestrial humanoids who inhabit the jungle moon of Pandora. They choose to live in harmony and natural equilibrium with their surroundings. If they become too numerous, Eywa, the intelligence they worship, may devise a way to limit their numbers before they cause an ecological imbalance, for she maintains the balance of life. Over the millennium, the Na'vi have developed a healthy respect and reverence for their surrounding environment. In return, Eywa may have affected the environment to provide them with sufficient food and shelter, creatures to ride for ground and ai…

Blue Gum Tree - a short story from New Zealand

Blue Gum Tree  - a short story by Pat Boyle.
Eucalypts: Trees of the Future? (New Zealand Geographic)

A report on a school trip abroad Look at the report and do the exercises to improve your writing skills.