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This year our school trip took us to Ireland. What can I say about it? It was absolutely grand!!!! A great crack!!! (notice the use of Irish English slang). We saw amazing scenery, the weather was fantastic (really, it was sunny all the time, can you believe it?) and the students overcame their shyness and took every opportunity they had to practise English.

Well, in this post you can do some exercises to know a bit more about Ireland and Irish English. Plus, I'll show some of the places we visited. I hope you 'll be able to see them in person one day. Maybe, you already have.

Ireland - complete the sentences

Saint Patrick's Day - open cloze

St. Patrick's Day Parades

The Republic of Ireland - complete the sentences

Northern Ireland - audio comprehension

An interview with Brendan (Irish accent)

How to put a convincing Irish accent

Molly Malone - song

Famous Irish people

Angela's Ashes - recommended book

Dublin, 10 things you need to know - video

Useful language when going place…