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You see, I was watching TV yesterday and, as usual, there was nothing on. I was just about to turn it off when I came across a programme from AprendeInglés TV . It was about one of the most popular shows on Spanish television nowadays. Maybe you are fans of "El Hormiguero", too. Would you like to know how some of the famous people working there get by in speaking English?

Learning English enemy: dubbing


Hello, guys, here you have a link to a video about telling an anecdote, which is good practice for the monologue part of the speaking exam you are going to take in June. The girl is speaking about a time she did something personally challenging.

I want you to focus on how she structures the information, how she moves on from one idea to another one, how she stops to think, how she uses topic-related vocabulary and so on and so forth. Use the play and pause buttons to listen to her and then to repeat after her, trying to imitate her, actually.

Come on! You can do it!


New Zealand travel website

As I promised, here you can see the video about New Zealand tourism again.

Need some help?
green and pristine environmentthe kiwi way of lifethe main reason visitors come to NZ is for our environment so looking after it is not only vital for tourism but also the country's economy.gross domestic productenvironmental protection and sustainability measuresReal Journeys (700,000 tourists a year). The possible environmental effect to that volume of people could have is daunting but the company is well aware of its responsabilities.Real Journeys achieve being environmentally responsible in a number of ways: - we support conservation causes
- we invest in technology
- we ensure we are operting modern low emission top equipment
- we get into recycling
- we do whatever we can to ensure that we operate in the most environmentally sustainable manner
- we also suppor…