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SEA: Stories of European Adults

Hi, everyone. Your lovely teacher, together with other EOI Alcalá teachers, takes part in a Grundtvig Project called SEA: Stories of European Adults. This project focuses on storytelling (I'll tell you all the particulars after Christmas) and it will enable you, my dear, dear students, to communicate with other students of English from Czech Republic, Denmark and Finland (our European associates).
Tomorrow, before our Christmas celebration party (so please, don't be late), I'll give you all the details about your username and password to enter WIGGIO ( Wiggio allows group members to share and edit files, manage a group calendar, poll your group, post links, set up conference calls, chat online and send mass text, voice and email messages. Each group member can define how they want to keep informed of group activity. Wiggio groups are private groups used solely for personal, academic, extracurricular, commercial, political, or charitable purposes.
If you are…


Christmas traditions: Santa Claus, Christmas tree, Mistletoe, the Candy Cane, etc.
Christmas around the world (or here).

By the way, do you know that Santa Claus is known as Father Christmas in the UK? And have you ever heard of Christmas crackers?
If any of you is planning on talking about Christmas crackers on Thursday's speeches, you should know that I'll take one to the school so that you can show other students how it works.

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Now, check part of an episode about Christmas from Are you being served?, a 1970s British comedy. You'll find all the British Christmas traditions here.

all around me
children playing
having fun
it's the season
love and understanding
merry christmas everyone

Time for parties and celebration
people dancing
all night long
time for presents and exchanging kisses
time for singing christmas songs

We're gonna have a party tonight
I'm gonna find that gi…


Hey, check this out:

How do you pronounce words like NIKE, LEVI'S, IKEA, LEICESTER, NORWICH or VAUXHALL? What about MATTHEW McCONAUGHEY?

How you say... actors and actresses post