“Any teacher that can be replaced with a computer, deserves to be.” – David Thornburg

23 September 2010


Hey, everyone! Here I am again, looking forward to starting our new course and full of ideas in order to help you to improve your English. So, welcome on board!!
When I started thinking about what my first post for this new beginning should be, I immediately started looking for something easy and fun but impressive at the same time. What I came across was a funny commercial about the importance of improving your English. I have to say that I couldn't help laughing the first time I saw it. The background is the following: there is a new German coast guard on post. When he is on duty there is an emergency call from a sinking ship and if you want to know what happened...

I told you. Clever, isn't it?

Well, you know that making a new a language your own is neither easy nor fast. You can choose either to keep your head above water (to do just enough to keep going) or to work your heart out (to make the most of it) so what do you prefer sinking or floating and swimming?

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And very important: don't be stubborn, pronunciation is essential.

A picture paints a thousand words, don't you think?