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26 February 2010

A REMINDER: -ed pronunciation

Watch this:

Now some practice:
Exercise 1
Exercise 2
Exercise 3

Exercise 4 (with sounds)
Exercise 5 (Am.E. with sounds)

And now, a song to practise past simple verbs. Enjoy!

Please, do notice the pronunciation of irregular verbs such as SAID /sed/ or BROUGHT /brɔːt/and the pronunciation of regular verb such as BLESSED /blest/ or LOVED /lʌvd/.

Besides, there are other aspects of English pronunciation that you should pay attention to, for instance, when she says "I'M EVERYTHING I AM BECAUSE OF YOU" /ɑɪmevrɪθɪŋ/.

24 February 2010


British English or American English? Which do you find it easier to understand? There are differences in grammar, spelling, vocabulary and pronunciation so in this post we'll do some practice about this, what does it sound like?

Br.E. vs. Am.E. guide

Vocabulary differences 1
Vocabulary differences 2
Vocabulary differences with sounds

Now, are you ready to put everything into practice?

Exercise 1
Exercise 2
Exercise 3
Exercise 4
Exercise 5, listening
Exercise 6, crossword

And, finally, this wonderful song by Louis Amstrong and Ella Fitzgerald:
"Let's call the whole thing off"

Letras de canciones Letras de canciones de Ella Fitzgerald Letra de Cancion Let’s Call The Whole Thing Off

I have come across this wonderful blog in which you can learn English pronunciation and sounds through songs. Believe me, it's amazing!


Fancy knowing Louis Amstrong better?
New York Museum

17 February 2010


There are a lot references to this issue in several TV series. Here you have an example from Life with Derek, a Canadian TV series. This episode is called 'Slacker Mom'. Casey's Mom, Nora, decides to quit her job for a while to spend more time with her family who she assumes she's been neglecting.

Part 1

Part 2

09 February 2010


Hey, everyone. Guess what? I've just come across an awesome website for you to improve speaking. It's called Splendid Speaking and it gives examples and teaches strategies for English speaking exams all over the world. Just what you needed, didn't you?

Practise your English exam video