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Guess what? I've found a wonderful website in which there is a section called 'Welcome to London'. Here you can follow two characters through a series of situations as they arrive and settle down in the city. What is really good about this is that you can listen to the typical conversations taking place when you are visiting a city (transport, hotel, shopping, eating out, etc). So, welcome!!
Welcome to London

Useful, isn't it? Well, here you have some links if you feel like practising count and uncount nouns again. See you!
Exercise 1
Exercise 2

Space stories

Hello, everyone. Would you like to do some revision exercises about the use of articles and listen to some funny stories about space and astronauts? Good, that's the spirit.

All right. First of all, here you have some links in which you'll find some exercises that'll help you with the use of articles in English. Enjoy!

Exercise 1
Exercise 2
Exercise 3
Exercise 4

Well, after all the hard work, you deserve something good.
Firstly, you can read a newspaper article from abc news about astronauts taking ipods on their space trips. After all, they have plenty of time out there so they should use their time wisely and music is a great pastime.
What do you listen to on Orbit? Astronauts take ipods (from ABC news, NY)

Secondly, it would be a good idea to practise some listening. Here you have a link in which you can watch a news item about threat of space-craft debris. Apparently, NASA is concerned a satellite collision may harm the Hubble space telescope.
Threat of Space-craft debris (from…

Where am I? the mystery city

Hey there. Next mystery photo is here.

Clue 1. As the British they drive on the left.
Clue 2. The country takes its name from the metal copper.

Game on!

Where am I? the mystery city

Hey there. Time for the third mystery city. As Manoli guessed about Auckland, today I'm posting the photo she has chosen for us to play the game.
Manoli, you know clues are eagerly awaited. Thanks a lot!

You fell for it!!

The left-handed Whopper
Hello, everyone. Sorry about the practical joke I played this morning but it was worth it. You know, everything is allowed on April Fools' Day. Now, if you want to read about other hoax stories and have a good laugh, click on the this link and have fun!