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25 March 2012


Video explaning -ed pronunciation:

Here you have another video with a clear explanation too:

And another one:

Fancy some practice?

Irregular verbs pronuciation with sound: http://english-irregular-verbs.blogspot.com.es/

Now, the fun part and you know what that means: SONGS!!!!!

Song 1: The Boy Does Nothing

Notice the way she says: 'Does he brush up?' Never brushed up' /brʌʃtʌp/

Song 2: Because you loved me

Please, do notice the pronunciation of irregular verbs such as SAID /sed/ or BROUGHT /brɔ:t/and the pronunciation of regular verb such as BLESSED /blest/ or LOVED /lʌvd/.Besides, there are other aspects of English pronunciation that you should pay attention to, for instance, when she says "I'M EVERYTHING I AM BECAUSE OF YOU" /ɑɪmevrɪθɪŋ/.

Song 3: You are beautiful

I suppose you paid attention to the pronunciation of the past, didn't you?
I saw /sɔ:/ your face in a crowded /kraʊdɪd/ place.
She smiled at /smaɪldət/ me on the subway.
She caught /kɔ:t/ my eye as I walked /wɔ:ktɒn/ on by.

Song 4: This Old Guitar

Lots of examples of both regular and irregular verbs pronunciation.

23 March 2012


Exercise 1
Exercise 2
Exercise 3
More practice

Watch this video with extracts from TV series to be able to see this grammatical point in real context:

Listen to these two songs to practise past tense pronunciation and our grammatical point today: