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26 February 2013


Learning accents: sounds familiar?

Well, now, here you have a video Jorge found. Sandra Bullock is interviewed by a British reporter on the red carpet (Oscars 2013). She talks about her new film with George Clooney and she also says how much she loves British accent and how it makes British people look smarter and more respectable.

Guess what? When I saw this video the British reporter looked really familiar. I knew I had seen him before and I've just remembered where. Do you recall Susan Boyle on Britain's Got Talent? He was a member of the jury that evening and he was stunned by Susan Boyle's performance as everybody else, of course. Who would've guessed. (Please do notice Susan Boyle's Scottish accent)

If you're up for more surprising videos, here you have another one. Enjoy! Isn't she adorable? And she scared the living daylights out of all of them, didn't she? Lovely British accent, by the way. Did you notice?

25 February 2013

'Side Effects': one pill makes you murder

Side Effects is an old school psychological thriller (you never quite know who to trust...) directed by Steven Soderbergh. It stars Jude Law, Rooney Mara, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Channing Tatum. It was released in the US on February 8th, 2013. An edge-of-your-seat thriller.

Side Effect review

BBC Talking MoviesDirector Steven Soderbergh bows out of film with thriller (listening exercise)

Oscar 2013: As it happened (The Telegraph)

19 February 2013

Page 1. it really began with Andrew Jackson "

Book Drum is the perfect companion to the books we love, bringing them to life with immersive pictures, videos, maps and music.

To Kill a Mockingbird beyond the page.

13 February 2013


Speculation and deduction

Exercise 1 (with videos)
Exercise 2
Exercise 3
Loads of modal verbs exercises

After looking at these pictures, comment what you think must, may, might, could or can't have happened.


Elementary, dear Watson
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                                newspaper interview

11 February 2013

07 February 2013


  • Angela Abigail Applewhite ate anchovies and artichokes.
  • Bertha Bartholomew blew big, blue bubbles.
  • Clever Clifford Cutter clumisily closed the closet clasps.
  • Dwayne Dwiddle drew a drawing of dreaded Dracula.
  • Elmer Elwood eluded elven elderly elephants.
  • Floyd Flingle flipped flat flapjacks.
  • Greta Gruber grabbed a group of green grapes.
  • Hattie Henderson hated happy healthy hippos.
  • Ida Ivy identified the ivory iris.
  • Julie Jackson juggled the juicy, jiggly jello.
  • Karl Kessler kept the ketchup in the kitchen.
  • Lila Ledbetter lugged a lot of little lemons.
  • Milton Mallard mailed a mangled mango.
  • Norris Newton never needed new noodles.
  • Patsy planter plucked plump, purple, plastic plums.
  • Quinella Quist quite quickly quelled the quarreling quartet.
  • Randy Rathbone wrapped a rather rare red rabbit.
  • Shelly Sherman shivered in a sheer, short, shirt.
  • Trina Tweety tripped two twittering twins under a twiggy tree.
  • Uri Udall usually used his unique, unusual unicycle.
  • Vicky Vinc viewd a very valuable vase.
  • Walter Whipple warily warned the weary warrior.
  • Xerxes Xenon expected to xerox extra x-rays.
  • Yolana Yvonne Yarger yodeled up yonder yesterday.
  • Zigmund Zane zig-zagged through the zany zoo zone

06 February 2013



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