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Conditional sentences practice:

Exercise 1
Exercise 2
Exercise 3
Exercise 4
Exercise 5
Now, doing grammatical exercises is all right but it's much more fun to practise conditional sentences in a different way:

Conditional sentences in The Big Bang Theory
Conditionals: examples in songs If you had a million dollars song + game A parody of "If I had a million dollars": If we had some global warming

Some lyrics extracts:
If we had some global warming we wouldn't be 20 below
If we had some global warming I wouldn't be shovelling snow
If we had some global warming I wouldn't have to drive this giant truck
If we had some global warming we wouldn't have any cares
If we had some global warming we'd have some nice greenhouse effect 
If we had some global warming maybe we'd have some palm trees 
If we had some global warming maybe we'd have aligators 
If we had some global warming we could throw our windshield scrapers away
If we had some global warming maybe we'd use less fuel
If we had some global warming we'd have a longer growing season which could stop world hunger


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And now, do listen to this fantastic song:


My dear students, here you can find different websites where you can practise listening on your own. Some of the websites include exam practice exercises. Others, however, only provide the videos but you can read the script at the same time, which, as you all know, it's good practice for your learning. Just click on the words TRANSCRIPT, SCRIPT, TEXT or something similar and get ready to improve your listening skill!

PBS NewsHour (American English)ABC The World Today (Australian English)CNN Students News (American English)NPR (American English) Click on TOPICSVOA News (American English)Future Radio (British English)BBC Learning English (British English) Here you have a link to a list of British radio stations. Before choosing one, please have a look at the information about the location so that you can have a go at different accents.
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Hey, would like to do some revision exercises? Exactly, why not? In this post, I suggest some vocabulary exercises about crimes and criminals. When you are done, it will be time for some listening practice and finally, I'll provide some scenes from an American TV series in which you can hear the lawyer saying something like "my client will plead guilty to involuntary manslaughter". So, are you ready?

Vocabulary exercises. Please, have a look at the following website where you can find lots of exercises related to crimes and criminals. You just have to go through the different links and have a good time.

Listening practice. Click on the following link to do a multiple choice listening exercise about security systems (don't forget to listen to it again while reading the quiz script after checking your answers).

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