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DERRY GIRLS: For those in need of coping with the Xmas blues

Northern Ireland's troubles are nothing compared to theirs.

The Troubles: The Norhtern Ireland conflict 1968-1998)

Belfast murals you need to see (

What could possibly pull you out of the depths of despair at one of the, for some, most depressing times of the year? 

Derry GirlsThis coming of age comedy is set in what would appear to be one of the least comedic locations – the city of Derry, in the middle of the Northern Ireland conflict in the early 1990s – but it’s actually laugh-out-loud funny.

Derry Girls trailer.

Derry Girls is the comedy you need to beat the January blues ( article).

Being a teenager myself in the 1990s, I can nothing but relate to the wonderful Derry Girls soundtrack:

10 Irish-made TV shows to binge watch.

Single-handed: A lone cop fights crime and corruption in rural Ireland. Gripping.

Do you know what a garda is?

What's the origin of the word garda?


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